Crusol projects and installations- Creation

Creation of Crusol projects and installations

Crusol projects and installations:

Here we leave you with an article published in “La Verdad” from when we decided to launch the company to the world.

Two UPCT alumni create a photovoltaic solar energy company.

Two recent graduates from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) have created a photovoltaic projects and installations company. In it they offer three-dimensional (3-D) recreations of how the panels look once they are installed, a 25-year forecast of electricity bills and options for leasing and early purchase of electrical surpluses.

Gonzalo Cruzado and Miguel Martínez explained in a statement that Decree 244/19, which regulates electric self-consumption, «has opened a world of opportunities» for neighbourhood communities, companies, educational centres and private homes.

The first of the former students pointed out that, for the first time it is «more profitable to generate your own electricity than to buy it.» This is why it advocates changing the paradigm of the energy system, so that «cities stop being electrical sinks and become energy generators.»

Electric cars

A transformation that will be even more necessary in the near future, according to entrepreneurs, because the «boom» in electric cars will require customers to become producers.

Gonzalo has a degree in Industrial Chemical Engineering from the UPCT, in which Miguel Martínez studied a degree in Engineering in Industrial Technologies and a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. His latest company is already signing contracts and closing projects for photovoltaic installations in industrial buildings and neighbouring communities.

Community self-consumption (previously prohibited and penalized) and the possibility of selling surplus energy will make companies more competitive. Both see an enormous opportunity for schools, which have large available areas as well as large periods without consumption to capitalize on the surplus energy generated.

«The prices of equipment have vastly dropped. There is no need to invest in batteries anymore, since the excess electricity can be directed back into the grid«. Miguel explained It’s calculated that the amortization periods of these installations are between 6 and 8 years, depending on the installed power and consumption patterns.

Consumption guidelines

«The important thing is to create customised installations, to match the curve of daily photovoltaic generation to that of consumption,». This is to explain the graduates of the Polytechnic Institution. In their company they have software that allows them to instantly know the hourly consumption patterns in neighbouring communities.

Crusol is located in the European Business and Innovation Centre of Cartagena (CEEIC), in the Cabezo Beaza industrial estate. Where in addition to providing office space they have received advice from the projects industry 4.0 coordinator, José Carlos García.

«In addition to the training obtained at the Polytechnic University. The courses taught by the College of Industrial Technical Engineers have been very useful to us,» said Gonzalo Cruzado.


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