ADLE Business Growth Program

ADLE Business

Program ADLE: Growth Program

We’ve had the opportunity to be one of the 30 companies selected for the Business Growth Program, offered by the Local Development and Employment Agency (ADLE) of Cartagena.

We received a series of professional consultancies that helped us further develop our business knowledge. The program focused on collecting data, analysing, agreeing and proposing improvements in different areas of development:

  1. Application of new information technologies and robotics on all business processes.
  2. Financial balance, profit generation and cost analysis.
  3. Optimization of human resources, person-position profile and organization of processes.
  4. Strategic planning and marketing.

During the days of the program, we received a total of 24 hours of consultancies, 6 per itinerary, and on-site visits to the company. They allowed us to focus more on our objectives and gave us a series of tools that will help us grow as a company. To do this, they provided us with a good resource base and more efficient ways of working.

After the conference a public event was held, chaired by the mayoress at the Punic Wall of Cartagena. At the end of the program they gave us a personalized report of each consultancy, with proposals for improvement and the analysis they carried out on our company.

Crusol video made by ADLE:

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